About Us

Dish Tv UAE  is a best of its kind, 24×7, web based, Instant Recharge Service Provider. It specializes in delivering next generation online Dish Tv recharge solutions. dishtvpay.com will offer its customers a high quality of service with the convenience of access from your desktop.

At Dish Tv UAE, we believe that the Internet is a powerful medium that will very soon graduate from being an engaging pastime to an indispensable and ubiquitous home tool, bringing with it, for consumers, enormous benefits and convenience.

With a vision of creating a recharge service through which customers can make all their recharges anytime from any location in the world using the net, giving them the freedom to recharge according to their convenience.

Dish Tv UAE is focused on providing a compelling value-add service that will simplify Any Time Recharge (ATR), deliver on reliability, efficiency and performance and most importantly provide a secure zone where customers can transact with confidence

The next level of television viewing with Asia  first DTH entertainment service. Dish TV brings you 500 plus channels and services straight from the satellite t your home. Enjoy uninterrupted viewing without any transmission cuts, that too with crystal clear digital quality picture and stereophonic sound. Also watch many exclusive international in sports, news, movies, lifestyle, music and kids. That's not all, there are various futuristic value added services that can enhance your television viewing experience. So go on, get your own dish and watch TV the way the world does.


Our Value

Accountability: We must feel responsible and accountable for the commitments we make and the quality of the results we deliver to all our stakeholders.

Innovation: We must continually apply intelligence, reason and technology to our work and environment. This will allow us to take informed risks and champion new ideas to improve our business as well as the community.

Passion for Winning: We must have a "can do" attitude, not take "no" for an answer and believe that nothing is impossible. This will allow us to work relentlessly toward achieving our goals and honouring our commitments.

Respect for People: We must give everyone, with whom we interact, respect and consideration.
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