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Choose from a variety of packs that cater to your specific entertainment needs.

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All you need to know

Choose your Favorite Plan?

A Wide range of entertainment loaded packs to give you the best entertainment at unmatched prices.

Flexible Payment System

Instant payment via credit card, Bank, PayPal give you real time activation. 3 easy steps for instant recharge. Select your plan enter your viewing card number proceed the payment & recharge Complete instant .

Have Questions?

We will give you 24/7 support via PHONE , SMS , Live Chat , & email.

What is Wallet Balance ?

Account Wallet Balance is your in website wallet Balance , you can deposit any desired amount to your Account wallet Balance and use it to pay for All Dish Tv recharge services. Most of the offers and promotions are applied via Account Wallet Balance

How does DISHTV work?

DISHTV works through a set-top box (STB) and dish antenna which is installed at your home. The antenna is connected to the STB through a cable which is linked to the TV set.

The STB decodes the signal from the antenna and brings your favourite channels to your TV screen.

How is it better than the existing cable system?

Yes, besides giving you the experience of a new technology, dishtv offers you an option of complete freedom from the friendly neighborhood cable guy. Going the Direct to Home way has innumerable advantages that changes the way you watch television forever, - Superior Picture quality, just like watching a DVD - Stereophonic Sound - Capacity up to 350+ channels and services - Geographic Mobility - Uninterrupted Viewing - Video Games - Exclusive International Channels - Parental Lock facility - Electronic Program me Guide - Value Added Services

What is My DishTv Card Number (VC No)?

A Viewing Card is a credit card sized Smart Card Inserted Front of Your Dish TV Setup Box Just Open it U will see There Viewing Card Number Start From 015 or 020 Total 12 Numbers For Example ( 01508556621-2)

I Have DishTv How I Can Recharge ?

You Can Select your Plan then put your VC number enter your Billing details proceed the payment after order complete you will receive confirmation SMS that your Dish TV box successfully recharged. Currently we support the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards & Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card & Amex)
  • Bank
  • PayPal
  • Perfect money
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
What is a 3 Satellite Accessory?

DISHTV has 3 satellites through which we provide you the maximum number of channels. All popular SD channels are available through 2 satellites and the third satellite (Asiasat 5) carries only HD channels. Subscribers with HD connection already have the required hardware to view these channels, however subscribers with a Normal connection need a 3-Satellite Accessory to capture signals from this satellite.

Once this accessory is installed, you have an access to all channels on DISHTV.

What would I need to buy?

When you book a DISHTV connection you get - Hardware/Equipment:

  • Dish with LNB
  • Set-top box and cable
  • Viewing Card (VC)

The set-top box with the VC will be installed in your home, connected to your TV. While the Dish will be fixed outside on a Roof/Terrace/Veranda/Lawn- wherever it can face the direction of the satellite without any disruption/blockage in between.The installation is done by our experts.

I Don't Know What is My DishTv Package ?

Don.t Worry u can Call Us We Wil Tell you Your Package otherwise You Can Switch To Any Package .

Where would the dish be installed?

Ideally it should be installed on the roof of your building, veranda, terrace, or anywhere you can have a clear view of the sky, as it need to catch satellite signals.

What Customers say about us

Brilliant! Thank yo so much! You’ve been most helpful, and I am very happy with your Instant Recharge service! Thank you again! (for sure, I’ll recommend you further)
Mayank Singh, Abu Dhabi,UAE
Thanks so much for such easy and reliable service ! i recharge my Dishtv using payment Method PayPal My Dish Tv acitve in Real time i love to use again your Service !
Imran Akram , Salalah , Oman

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