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Note: First You need order International (Pakistan Afghan ,KSA,LK Channels) Allacarte.after its subsribed Follow the instruction to configure these channels.

Follow these Steps.

Step 1


Select any channel and press and hold menu key for 8 sec.



Reboot the system from the mains and repeatedly press menu key on "Loading Please wait " Screen.

Step 2

Installation Menu screen will appear as shown below.
Home Screen

Step 3

Select Home frequency option and below screen will appear.
Home Transponder Setting

Step 4

Enter code 9523 and the below TP edit screen will appear.
Enter The Code 9523 

Step 5

Edit home TP ( 11990 / H / 43000) &  HORIZONTAL   press OK to save the settings.

 Frequency ( MHZ) Set To : 11990  , Symbol Rate:  43000 , Polarization : Horizontal , FEC inner: Auto

Step 6

Check the signal strength and signal quality.

 Channels Search

Now Restart your Set Top Box And Search Channels after that

You can Now watch all Channels Click to View Channels List

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